Friday, May 6, 2011

Finally a Wicket goes down!!!

Four long years, we walked like strangers

So close we were, but never we got together

All we were saying were friendly Hi and Bye

All that we could manage, was an artificial smile

Our faces met, but never ever we felt close by heart

Then came the D day. That unforgettable JULY 13

The day which somewhat changed our confused lives

The day which created a lot of melodious feeble vibes

Simple Smiles turned into uncontrollable laughter’s

Formal Handshakes gave space for different kinds of hi fives

Someone shared something, Some other added some other thing

We without caring laughed almost for everything

All we did was to have fun and to enjoy the moments

All that we did was to pass some or the other silly comments

Amidst this beautiful journey, a kind hearted passenger finally decides alight

Every beautiful journey should come to an end someday

The Songs of Memories, sing without any pause every day

Hope our roads of life, again intersect some or the other day

All that we did and all that we wanted was just to have fun

What we created will be the memories for life, which can’t be burnt by even the monster sun

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