Friday, July 16, 2010

Photo with a Story

There was a contest in INFY organized by GREEN CONNECT group. It was a FOTOSTORY contest in which we had to upload a recently clicked photo and we had to write a story supporting the photograph. I participated in that contest and fortunately I won the FIRST PRIZE:) I should thank my friend who informed me about the competition and also forced me to take part in such an event. Thanks a ton to her. The Photo is at the top and here goes the Story:)

The goal of Life is to live in peace with nature. We are living in this planet since so many years. Have we ever thought about the valuable gems present around us?? We are using these as a medium to chase our dreams, satisfy our desires and achieve glories.

Once, i was asleep at home dreaming about many beautiful things, I was suddenly woken up by the door bell ring. Some stranger rang the bell two or three times i guess. Finally i got up, opened the door and saw a guy standing outside. I bet i had never seen such a weird looking guy ever before in my life. In that moment, I felt sorry for his state and asked about his whereabouts. Without uttering a word, he asked to get a glass of Water. I rushed to the kitchen, but to my utter disbelief there wasn't a single drop of water in the can or in the bottle. I went out to switch on the Motor, but unfortunately there was no power.

I saw my friend's face and his helpless expression said it all. I felt really sad as we had wasted so much water last night for cleaning the house. This stranger saw our unfortunate state and he left without saying a word. For few minutes my friend and I didn't speak a word. That dreadful silence said it all. If at all we had saved at least a bottle of water, we could have done that stranger a small favor.

Whenever i see this picture I'm reminded of this incident. From that day, we started using Water carefully. We always take measures to prevent the wastage of water. Just as Gandhiji said "An eye for an eye will make the whole world go blind", in the same way "A thought for a thought will help to restore mankind".

Finally a short poem to end the story

Our Earth is very sweet like nectar
Unfortunately we are making it bitter
Many species, One Planet, One future
Try not breaking this wonderful God created structure
Let's make this Earth more and more greener
Let's show we Human beings are known to do things better

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