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Trek to Narasimha Parvata and a View of Magebailu Falls

        Imagine a day when you are walking in a raw, dense jungle with hot sun staring at you with red eyes from the top, cold winds creating a soothing sensation on your face partially nullifying the effect of angry sun, colorful birds chirping after seeing strangers entering  their territory,  dry lands all the way due to incessant rains in summer, but still a of green belt somewhere in the middle  to mesmerize and please your eyes all along the path, unique slopes to make you appreciate the beauty of Western Ghats, sweat pouring down from all the sweat glands due the humidity of Western Ghats, trekking for almost 6 hours, covering an approximate distance of 15 Kms and sitting on a peak and peacefully witnessing the Sun, going down amidst the slopes of Kuduremukha forest range, with a mixture of cloud and fog colored in orange by the setting Sun, sitting in front of the Camp fire with your friends speaking about some nonsense all night, gazing the innumerable stars on a beautiful night, trying to imagine your own patterns in the sky and finally enjoying the Sun Rise the next morning amidst the same slopes, clouds and fog. I am sure it would have created a smile just by Imagining this, but this is the experience you get when you Trek to Narasimha Parvata, from Agumbe, Shimoga district, Karnataka.

How to Reach to this Place???

Agumbe is a village located in Shimoga District, Karnataka. From Bangalore it is about 400Kms. Best way to reach Agumbe is in Bus. 10 PM, Friday night departure will take you to Agumbe at around 6.30 AM.

Anything to fill my Stomach in Agumbe???

Yes. You do get delicious food in Agumbe. There is a hotel called Mayura and you can have your breakfast at this place and it's better to pack your Lunch as well here.  Don't forget the taste the Mangalore Buns at this place.

Where the Trek Starts???

Agumbe is a sensitive area as frequently naxals create chaos at this place. Due to this reason the forest department and the police have made some rigid rules and without a guide you are not allowed to enter the forest area. You have to take permission from the DYSP who sits in Agumbe and then after providing your address proofs and all you are ready to go. The guide will arrange an Auto and it will take you till the base point. Then the horrendous trek to Narasimha Parvata starts.

What's in Store during the Walk???

Western Ghats is the home of many beautiful creatures. It's one of the most beautiful forest ranges in Karnataka. You can see variety of Trees which are very unique in their own way. As with the other jungles this is also the home of many wild animals like Tiger, Bison's, Wild Buffaloes and so on. This is also the home of many colorful Birds. If you are lucky enough, you can at least see some of these in the wild.

How is the stretch???

This is one of the best trekking experience that I have had in Karnataka.  Initially it's all a plain land and a walk inside the jungle. A dense canopy of huge trees gives you the required relaxation from the hot and humid conditions. Almost 3/4th of the trek, we have to walk inside the jungle hearing variety of sounds from different creatures. But  sound made by insect Cicada is one of the loudest that you can ever here.  Same as in all the treks, ascending and descending steep paths is part of this trek. On the way you can enjoy sitting on a cliff and witness Barkana Falls pouring down. The view from here is just awesome. You can play in this water stream for some time and also finish your lunch here. This is the last place where you will get water. So make sure you fill all your water bottles. Finally after a tiring and a satisfying walk for 6 hours you will be on top of Narasimha Parvata and that is where you can find water again.

What's in the Peak???

Many say not always the destination matters, what always matters is the Journey. So I am never bothered how it will be in the peak. But in Narasimha Parvata, surprisingly there is small shed which can easily accommodate ten to fifteen people and this shed like house is very clean as well. From this house if we climb some 300 meters to the right, we can go to the view point where we can see the beautiful setting sun. To the left of this house if you walk along the path you can find a small pothole where you can get the drinking water. If you walk for few more steps from that water source, that is the Sun rise view point. Just make sure you don't miss both Sun rise and Set at this place. Then it was time for Campfire, Dinner, discussion about the worldly affairs and last but not the least, go into our own dream world by closing our eyes, that too inside a haunted house in the middle of a dense jungle along with all the wild creatures.

And then the Descent!!!

Descent is always fun and this descent is no exception either. Just two and half hours of descent and you will reach a place called Kigga. Don't forget to visit the Shringerashwara temple in Kigga. If there is time make sure you visit Sirimane falls and Magebailu falls which are just 6 to 7 Kms from Kigga.

Whom to Contact???

As this is a very sensitive area, we can't share the numbers with everyone. You can find my number below. Just give me a call and after knowing briefly about you, I will definitely share the contacts with you.

My Number : +919620156858

Overall Experience!!!

One of the best and most beautiful trekking place in Karnataka and a must do for all the adventure seekers. If you are searching for a trek to do after October till March, do consider this as an option. The Slopes of Western Ghats are calling you. Don't wait for more and just plan for this Trek. An honest request is,  please make sure you don't throw any plastics or any waste during your trek. If possible do collect the plastic that you come across during the Trek. Collate them in your bags and please dispose them after you descend to some local village. It's a very small help but it creates wonders for our beautiful forests and this helps in restoring the beauty of our forests. Have a safe journey and a safe and happy trek as well.

You Can find some all the memories from our Trek in the below link!!!

Few Memories for a quick glance.

The Forest Range

The Journey

The Camp Site

On the Way

The Altitude

Camp Site 

Happy Bunch

During the Sun Rise

Ok!!! Lets Race...

Sun Rise in Narasimha Parvata

Strong Faces

During the Sun rise in Narasimha Parvata

Guide Thimmappa

The Happy Gang

Rose is always a Rose

A Foggy Morning

A Reptile

Shrungaareshwara Temple, Kigga

We both

During a Discussion

Beautiful Shringeri Temple-Front View

Beautiful Shringeri Temple-side View

Magebailu Falls

Beautiful Shringeri Temple-Another View
During the Journey

Just before few steps to Narasimha Parvata

A View from Barkana Falls

We all with our Guide Venkatesh

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